In A World…

Just putting this here for you to watch. It is interesting as it poses a real question in an easy, funny way that will get a message across to the industry that needs to hear it: why are there so few female voice-over artists? In a quick bubble of research I just engaged in, there are so many more men who do voice overs for trailers than women, and usually the women only dub for films, TV shows (usually reality shows) and product adverts that are targeted towards women.

However, most things have a male voice-over artist even if whatever it is advertising is aimed at women. For example, according to this source, ‘X-Factor’ is targeted at “housewives with children”, but Peter Dickson does the announcing. I’m not saying that this is a problem. I am simply posing the question: why? Why do men have more options in this industry than women? Why are most women in this industry seemingly confined to one market?

Women have lovely voices too. We can speak with diction and dramatics too.